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Our Focus

We work with companies that are important to their people but need our help to be significant to the world. We collaborate with executive leaders during pivotal moments of new brand creation and brand innovation.

Branding Elm work on uniting external brand and internal culture so your organization can scale faster, attract top talent, and deliver on its promise.


Financial Services

Financial services, including banks and financial groups, are in need of effective branding strategies. Creating a lasting image for a business is key to success, and these organizations require specialized guidance to create this impact.


Healthcare Industry

Brand development for the healthcare industry is essential for businesses to succeed, such as hospitals, medical centers, labs and research centers, pharmaceuticals, and professional medical groups.


Cyber Security

It's important to create a positive brand that conveys trustworthiness, safety and reliability. This should include developing effective messaging, using the right visual elements, delivering consistent content across channels, and optimizing customer relationships. 


Industrial & Manufacturing

Brand identity may not always be at the forefront for many traditionally-centered industries. However, staying on top of branding is more critical than ever amidst a changing landscape. Establishing and maintaining a strong brand presence is essential for businesses in these sectors to remain competitive.


Construction & Architecture

As industries are typically seen as traditional and even a little behind the times, construction and manufacturing can have a hard time with branding. But today, it's more important than ever for these industries to have a strong and consistent brand identity.


Professional Services

When it comes to branding for professional services, it's all about trust. Your potential clients need to know they can trust you to provide the best possible service, and branding can support the effort with design, messaging, and client experience planning.

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